Tuesday, 16 February 2010

This says it all.......

Helmut Newton himself decided to spend a great dinner in the best restaurant in town.
As he arrives the chief and owner of the restaurant recognizes Newton.
He leaves the kitchen to welcome the photographer:

"I know you - you are Helmut Newton! I know your work, it´s great!
You must have a great camera!"

Newton remains silent. He orders the best dish this restaurant offers.
After finishing his meal he comes up to the chief saying:

"The dinner was great, you must have great pots!"

I don't know if this is true but I just love it.

It might be the camera that takes the picture,
but it's the person behind it that makes it a masterpiece...


  1. hehe, så sannt, så sannt!! uansett om historien var sann ;) koselig å lese inlegga dine-keep up the good work ;D (var ikke jeg flink no??) stoor onsdags-klem<3<3

  2. Så sant så sant, og så GODT sagt!! =)

  3. So very much true indeed! Really!!

  4. Good shots!!Great blog!!