Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Some of my pictures..

I love taking pictures. Whether they're any good or not is a different matter.But it's just something i really enjoy doing and i think it's really nice to have something that you can do just because you like it. A hobby that can get your mind off things that are bothering you or just make you think about something else... A hobby that you can express yourself through. My pictures are sometimes just a picture but sometimes there's more to it.. a meaning behind it... A feeling....

This picture is called: "THERE'S ALWAYS HOPE"

The meaning behind the picture is that sometimes it feels like we 're drowning in problems.You're struggleing to keep your head above water. But i think that there's always hope... Even when you feel worn out and alone...

This one is called: "I MISS YOU"

I took this one on holiday this summer.My husband was at home building a new kitchen and i was missing him and wished he was there with me. We were struggleing at the time anyway so the title I miss you ment more than just that. I wanted to go back to how it used to be. I missed that man that i married.It felt like we were trapped in the cold water trying to get to shore on "the other side"

This one is called: "WALK WITH ME"

My husband was in my head when i took this too. I was on my own with the kids and i wished that i was there alone with my husband. Wanted to walk down the road holding hands, sit by the water maybe throw a stone or two and just talk about everything and nothing..

This one has not got a name yet.. I was out for a walk with my dog and it was the most beautiful sunset.. Nice..



This is only a few of my pictures..


  1. Så utrolig fine bilder Anette!! Flink du er!!

  2. Utrolig bra bilder:)
    Jeg har alltid likt det "always hope" bildet ditt, det slo skikkelig rot i hjertet mitt, kanskje fordi jeg så følelsene dine med en gang i det..
    Du er så talentfull!! :) Stolt av deg! :)

  3. Tusen takk begge to.. :) koselig..