Friday, 27 February 2009

The Perfect Job

I love horses.
I've loved horses since i was a little girl.
When I was about 9 years old I started riding at a riding school.There was a six month waiting list but i didn't have to wait because my cousin was an instructor there and somebody had just left the lesson she used to teach.. so she let me join without waiting..

I stayed there till I was 15 or 16 i think.. I just started feeling that I wasn't learning any more.. The others that were riding at the same time as me had slowly been replaced with kids on a beginner level.And i didnt want to keep paying alot of money for a lesson that i was just told to canter on my own and practise on whaterever i wanted to, while the others were taught how to trot!!!
So i quit.

I've regretted it ever since.. I've missed it so much and still do..

First time I got up on a horse again was a few years later and it felt soo good. I felt like I was finally home.. this is were i belong..
To feel at one with such a beautiful, strong, graceful, did i mention beautiful animal, is just the most amazing feeling.I don't think you'd understand it unless you've been around horses and experienced the magical bond between human and animal..If you have, you will always be longing for it and feel to an extent empty,like something is missing if you're not around them.

So I guess you can imagine how i felt when after ridning once a week for a bit in England I was offered a job at the stables! And it wasn't just grooming the horses and picking up horse poo..(which i really dont mind doing anyway. Actually love it.. part of the whole horse thing.You know what I'm on about, Monica ;)) It was actually education as well. I would work as a student.I had to study to do exams and learn about running stables or a riding school. And to be an instructor.
It was very extensive .. had to learn everything about the horses anatomy and behaviour. And everything else that is done normally in stables.. I absoulutely loved it..

This is the book for the first level or first exam...:)I might come back to what's in the book..I wouldn't mind refreshing some of it ;)

Oh and i forgot to say that we were allowed to ride every day.. sometimes twice a day.. for free of course. Because the exams had a practical part,a written part and a riding part. So we had to improve on our riding skills too...

And we could pick our favourite horse to ride. I had two.. One huge monster called Boris. Most gentle monster ever ;) He was lovely. And then there was little Billy. A Welsh Cob that some of the students had a problem with. If he noticed that he could mess with you, he would... But i liked him.. A challenge.. But he was still sweet.. :)

Then this perfect job came to a sudden stop.. I found out i was pregnant. And you're not allowed to go through the exams if you are.. A safety thing.. They said i could stay for as long as i wanted, just not do the study part anymore.. but it was too difficult to carry on. To see the others get their horses ready to go for a ride.. It just killed me. And i wasn't feeling great either which slowed me down alot..

I stayed in bed for weeks, didnt want to do anything.. I know it sounds horrible but I wasn't ready for kids at that time... I was scared.

Anyway,I wouldn't change things and I never regret getting my little dude..

I just hope that one day i could get the chance to have themback in my life again.. In some way......

I miss being around them..... ...


  1. Kjenner meg så godt igjen i alt det du skriver der, -med unntak av all erfaringen og utdannelsen du har da..:-p DEN har ikke jeg.. Men jeg føler det på samme måten..
    Syns det er så trist at du ikke bare kan søke på den stillingen i Spydeberg!
    Vel, egentlig kan du vel det? Du har jo MASSE knowledge! Men det betyr at da må du riktignok sette unger i barnehagen og masse styr. Så det må jo skje når du selv føler for det..
    En vakker da jenta.. så kanskje vi kan ha en hest eller to sammen.. Hadde vært så gøy..:)