Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Well.. I wish we could just pack up and go back.

It was so nice to just get away
from everything for a little bit.

And the place was just stunning. A little bit different than what I've seen before.

The water was so amazing. So amazingly full of life, and beauty. And even I managed to get my head in and under water to see the totally different world that exist down there..
We hired a glassbottom boat that we could go in together.. (picture above) that was so nice. !!
It was an experience i will never forget and am planning to experience again some day.
WE brought our underwater camera. It wasn't easy taking pictures but got a couple ok ones..

The Egyptians are a very warm and friendly people. They really want to invite you into their shop to tell you their family history and they really want to know about yours. And they usually offer you tea. Very nice tea!
It can get a bit too much at times, like one day we'd been out all day, Jon wasn't feeling well and I was in a mood because of this idiot who where selling horse rides to tourists. He hit his horse for no reason. Made me so angry I wanted to walk up to him and slap him. And tell him that he didn't deserve to be around such beautiful creatures. But i didn't..
But anyway back to my point, we were tired and we were walking around this marked were all the shop owners were trying to get us to stop and have a look in their shops.
It just got a bit much. And we had learned by then to just say no with a smile and not stop at all.

One thing they got right was air con . In the hotel rooms and in most shops. When it's 37 degrees at 9.30 pm, air con is a very nice thing to have. ;)
And three times after being out all day we were met with these things layed on our bed..:

Heart towel

Swan towel

Flower towel

I must say i was really taken by the place and would love to go back at some point to experience more of Sharm el Sheikh and Egypt.
Everybody who asked us down there said that one week is not enough but when you've not been on holiday for so long a week is more than enough to make you satisfied...

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  1. Høres ut som en knalltur ja:) Var morsomt å se alle bildene derfra da du var innom meg. Masse Nemo-fisk, hehe..:)
    Så godt at dere hadde en flott tur..:)
    Og forferdelig med han hestefyren...:S