Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Thank you

Friday, almost two weeks ago Jon came home after having been up north working for a few days. He said on the way from the airport that he would take care of dinner when he came home. He wouldn't tell me what it as until he came home.

So what he made was this :

First starter: Scrimp cocktail that you can see on the set table here:

This was the only course i helped with.He asked if i could peel the scrimps.. Which i was happy to do..:) He decorated the bowls with salad and put the scrimps on top with a mix of mayonnaise, sour cream and spices as a dressing.mmmm...

The second starter was gratinated scallops(kamskjell):

This was so gorgeous. Ånd totally not what i expected them to taste like.. They're very mild and can resemble crab meat in texture.. Very nice!!

And here is the main course:

Pork with vegetables, gravy and gratinated potatoes on the side.. The meat was falling apart and the vege was cooked to perfection . ( Jon's going to get a big head now :) He deserves it tho.. He's a good cook:D )

Then the best course is always the last one:)
Dessert, Creme Brûlèe :

Well I don't think that i can say that one of them were better than the other this time.. They were all so nice.. But if I have to choose one that stands out in my mind it must be the scallops.

It was a really nice evening and Jon managed to turn my mood that evening from being very very low and depressed to actually pretty close to happy..

Yesterday Jon came home with these flowers for me:

Lilies. I love Lilies. And only one of them is open so they will last a while..:)

I love the spots on the petals... :)


  1. Åh!
    Så deilig å bli vartet opp sånn!
    Å 3 retter å! Ikke dårlig:)

    Men.....det fortjente du. Snille, tapre jenta!

    Klemmer Malin

  2. eh 4 retter malin!!!

  3. Yeeeeyyyyyhhh!! Det fortjente du virkelig jenta..:) Hehe..:) (så jeg litt ivrig ut da du fortalte om det? Var sånn jeg følte meg, hihi..:)
    Hørtes iallefall skikkelig koooos ut..:)

  4. FLOTTE bilder forresten!! og Headeren nyyydelig..:)